Former Players

We would not be able to do the work we do without these players. We are proud to have them in our team.

Player Database

Nearly 15 players have played for the Azkals first team since 2010 and this page lets you look up their key statistics. The years they played plus appearances and goals are available for every player.

Simply enter part or all of their name to conduct a search. It does not include the current squad whose details can be found on the roster page.

Player Joined Left Total Apps Goals
Paolo Bugas
Jim Junior Muñoz
Ruben Doctora
Miguel Tanton
James Joseph Younghusband
Roland Muller
Daniel Gadia
Dominic Liam Del Rosario
Mario Javier Clariño
Jorrel Zachary Aristorenas
Simone Rota
Patrick Reichelt 6
Tomas Trigo Gonzales
Dennis Jaramel Villanueva
Daisuke Sato 2
Stephan Palla
Stephan Schrock 4
Simon Greatwich 1
Phil Younghusband 38
Patrick Deyto
OJ Porteria
Neil Etheridge
Misagh Bahadoran
Martin Steuble 2
Mark Hartmann 7
Manuel Ott 3
Luke Woodland
Juan Luis Guirado 2
Kevin Ingreso
Kenshiro Daniels
Jerry Lucena
Javier Patiño
Iain Ramsay
Amani Manuel Aguinaldo
Alvaro Silva Linares
Robert Gier