Amani Manuel Aguinaldo

Defender, 12
Born 24 April 1992
Height cm
Weight kg

Birthplace: Las Piñas, Metro Manila, Philippines

How did you start playing football?

“My father introduced me to the sport when I was about 4 years old. He bought me a ball and a pair of football boots and brought me to the UP sunken garden to kick the ball on weekends. And ever since, football was all I ever wanted to play.”


What made you play for the national team?

“I had an opportunity to join the Senior National team by being called to a training camp. As a footballer dreaming of making it to to the top and to represent my country I did my best to earn a place in the team.”


What’s your message for all the Filipinos out there?

“There  is no greater inspiration to push yourself towards achieving your dream than the struggles you encounter and surpass for the pursuit of success and happiness.”