Juan Luis Guirado

Defender, 5
Born 27 August 1979
Height cm
Weight kg
Club Ceres

Birthplace: Málaga, Spain

How did you start playing football?

“When I was 7 years old my school football coach came to my class and asked us who wanted to play football for the school team. Before that incident, I have tried playing football once but it was after that incident that I started to play more seriously”


What made you play for the national team?

“My cousin, Rafael Garcia called me to join the National team because they were looking for players outside the country. For me, it was amazing, it’s like a dream. I can play for my mother’s country and for my country as well. Day by day I feel more Filipino.”


What’s your message for all the Filipinos out there?

“I will tell them to take the chance, if they have it, to join the National team and come here to play for this amazing country and people. The most important things for me are the experiences with the people, my players… Each day you learn something new and you have the chance to train and play football with different kinds of people.”