Robert Gier

Defender, 22
Born 6 January 1981
Height cm
Weight kg
Club Ascot United

Birthplace: Ascot, England

How did you start playing football?

“I have been playing football for as long as I can remember.  It is a way of life in the UK and my Dad was a big Liverpool fan.  As a child we always played down the park after school and he is the one that sparked my initial interest in the game.  It wasn’t until I got a lot older that I realized I had a talent and I was lucky enough to eventually be scouted by Wimbledon FC when I was 13 years old.”


What made you play for the national team?

“I wanted to make my Mum and my Filipino family proud.  My Mum always used to say I should join the team but I didn’t even know there was a team as there wasn’t much information on the internet about the National Team at that time (2009).  I believe that understanding where you come from and understanding your heritage is very important to discover who you really are.”


What’s your message for all the Filipinos out there?

“From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all your support to me and the team.  There have been some incredible highs and some devastating lows but your support has been constant throughout, never wavering and always inspiring.  There will be many more ups and downs but I know that you are all ready for this exciting journey ahead.”